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The Boots & Roots Foundation was an idea generated by RJ Huss to support and donate to other local charitable organizations or individuals in need around East Pasco County and other surrounding counties.

December 2018

Pheasant Shoot at 

Three Pines Preserve

The Boots and Roots Foundation purpose is to support and conduct events that benefit local agriculture, outdoor, and sportsman communities by raising funds that will be directly donated to other charitable.....

Our Mission

Join us at any or all of our upcoming events to help support this wonderful foundation and give back to our community.

February 2018

Pasco County Fair Education Sponsor

The funds generated from events like "Clays for the Community" and our annual Pheasant Hunt are being distributed back into the community in multiple ways. One example is being the Education sponsor at the Pasco County Fair. The  donation to the fair will be spread across the beef, swine and plant youth exhibitors who have maintained  


  • September 6, 2018 -
    ​Boots and Roots Bash
  • December 8, 2018 - Pheasant Shoot
  • Many more to come. Check the website frequently for upcoming events!

About Us


October 2017

20k Raised at Clays for the Community Event 

over a certain GPA in school. Our goal is to promote education through the agriculture areas and reward those students who have excelled in school. We have also set up a scholarship fund to help outgoing seniors on their way to college in the agricultural field. We greatly appreciate all of the incredible support we have received.  


- Boots & Roots Foundation

The Lives We Impact