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Boots & Roots Foundation


Founded: 2015

President: R.J. Huss

Vice President: Ben Barthle

Secretary: Stephanie Stephenson

Treasurer: Anna Huss

Education Sponsor - 2018 Pasco County Fair

The Boots & Roots Foundation donated over $13,000 to the Pasco County Fair as the Education Sponsor. Those funds were directly spread across the beef, swine and plant youth exhibitors who have maintained over a 3.5 GPA. Promoting the importance of education at our local fair. 

Kim Noll Scholarship Fund
Using the proceeds from our Clays for the Community Event, the Boots & Roots Foundation created the Kim Noll Scholarship Fund. Two outgoing high-school senior applicants were awarded the scholarship as they head off to college.

The Riley Family
When a horribly traumatic event took the life of a loved one and left a family without a home, husband and father, the Boots & Roots Foundation was able to provide financial support to the family for temporary living arrangements, clothes and day to day living items such as bathroom supplies and groceries. 

Junior Cattlemen's Team
The B&R Foundation helped sponsor the travel expenses for the Jr Cattlmen's team to compete at the state convention.  

Foundation Profile

There are multiple situations that arise daily which can be unexpected and devastating. The Boots & Roots Foundation is here to help and support those in need.


We have a simple mission: to donate funds to other charitable organizations or individuals focusing in the agriculture, outdoor and sportsman communities.

What We’re Doing

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